Sunday, July 08, 2012

Summer Holiday: Part 1

Lake Tahoe, CA

My family & I try & escape to Tahoe for a few weeks every summer & sometimes if we're lucky a quick trip in the winter. It's become a serious tradition in our house & we've managed to maintain the streak for 8 years or so now.
Our first couple of years at the cabin were as newlyweds & then as expecting parents and it has been a blur of parenthood ever since then. The times have changed to be sure, priorities shift & we have figured out a beautiful summer groove that we don't entirely appreciate until we get back to our home base.
Rafting, hikes, boating, crawdad fishing, lounging, reading, laze-ing, bicycling, etc... It's all we can do to schedule in some time to build fairy forts or play mini golf.
So, while my Wifey & kiddos fly up, I drive & if schedules allow, I sneak of into the High Sierra for a few days of wandering around & exploring.

A night of camping and a day of peak bagging in the Sierra Nevada.
Cottonwood Lakes / Mt. Langley 14,042 feet

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