Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Air Jordan, New York City

People always want to come to Sunny California to shoot in our 'perfect weather', but often summer is plagued with 'May Gray' or 'June Gloom'. That was the case when the guys from Nike / Jordan wanted to shoot an iconic dunk during 'magic hour'. We scouted the whole country looking for just the right set up & found this perfect court with gorgeous natural light sneaking between buildings in Harlem.

Many action shots are so over produced & staged, dissected down to impossible levels of 'perfection' that they no longer even look like what they are or are supposed to be - which is genuine, explosive, honest & fleeting. This crew of ballers went after it every time with that spontaneous energy that makes you feel lucky to have a front row seat.

of course this is what it looked like when I got to NYC.

So I made sure we had an extra 'Magic Hour' maker just in case.

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