Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mega Pixels

For camera nerds this is the time that rolls around every few years when every camera company has some new bigger, better, more something or another camera system that is supposed to solve all the problems we didn't know we had.
I'm not the most tech / gear obsessed photographer by any stretch, but I do appreciate having the best tool for the job. I have several hammers & I also like to have several cameras. Since it's kind of my job I feel like I should at least be up to speed on what is available whether I use it or not.
So with all the Canons & Nikons on the horizon I have thinned my herd in a bit of Ebay spring cleaning. That got me thinking of other possibilities & options. I used to shoot MF film & digital quite a bit I haven't in a while because DSLRs have gotten 'so good'.
Anyway - I had Brent from PhaseOne come by today to show off the new IQ system & see if we could convince me to drop in... the verdict is still out.
I took a stroll around the neighborhood - I think I might like my phone better for this type of shooting.

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