Monday, November 14, 2011

Santa Fe, NM. etc...

wandering in santa fe.

A few weeks back I drove out to Santa Fe to do the Photo Video workshop at 'Santa Fe Photo Workshops' & had a fantastic time - seriously, a great escape & way to focus on what we are all doing. Teaching is a whole different type of awareness & stress & was all kinds of fun. We had a fantastic & diverse crew of participants that came from all over & had different ways they hoped to integrate motion into their still photography world. The SF Workshop crew was great - they've done this a million times & made my first time - painless & enjoyable.
I had a little scholarship deal in which we gave away four $500 discount scholarships & the grand prize winner was further showerd with goodies from Think Tank & LiveBooks - so, big thanks to you guys for helping out.
Anyway, I'm catching up on travels & shoots & new pics. stay tuned.

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