Monday, November 28, 2011

Behind the behind the 4 of 4 promo campaign

Here’s a look into the creation & evolution of my recent promo mailer project. In addition to creating a new 'look' with my designer buddy, we also did a website re-design which I blathered on & on about last month. To promote the new look & new work, I shot a series of 4 promo cards that were mailed out over the last 2 months-ish and then used a bunch of online 'tools and strategies' to connect the dots and spread the word. This promo campaign was a multi-layered effort combining photography, offset printing, video, and web-based intergalactic-connectivity. cool, right? Each of the four cards has a URL and corresponding QR code printed on the back that links directly to each card's creation video.  Below is the 4th video - just a little tour around the shop with the sweet sounds of Joy Division in the back ground.
If you received all four cards, send me a photo of them all together and I'll send you a signed custom print. of what? i don't know yet & I might not have to worry about that if everyone throws out promo cards as soon as they land on their desk. And if you’re not on my mailing list and want to receive these cards, or future communiqués sign up on my site when i get that sign up link loaded..


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