Friday, October 14, 2011


This is a quick little time-lapse shot through the back of my 4X5 that does not see enough use. I was shooting one of the 'moving landing pages' on my new site. At one point I took a photo with my phone of the weird contraption - an old dusty 4X5 that to a passer buy looks like an accordion on a pedestal with a DSLR tucked in right behind - tripods straddling each other - with a black cloth, probably a sweatshirt, definitely not pro looking whatever it was, protecting the ground glass from any glare... 'what's he doing? a magic show?' So I took a photo with a tiny telephone camera that I was most likely going to upload to instagram & make it look all misty & old school & then I realized .... well, i don't know what I realized, but it all felt ridiculous so I just sat there for a while & watched the sun fizzle out.

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