Thursday, September 15, 2011

Workshop Grand Prize Winner

OK Tony you can take that sweaty Gorilla mask off now. CONGRATULATIONS!
After my judging panel & I [just me] poured over the literally severals [4ish?] of video submissions we have decided to award the GRAND PRIZE to TONY BLEI.
That's a sweet $500 discount off your tuition to the workshop, A free year of LiveBooks, A backpack from Think Tank and probably a few other things i'm forgetting.

Here's Tony's winning video submission:

Now, just because our Grand Prize Winner has been announced, does not mean everyone else is a 'looser' - we're all winners here & more importantly, there is still $1500 at stake! 
3 more $500.00 discounts/scholarships for the workshop. plus some other stuff.


-If you are signed up already - submit a video.
-If you haven't signed up yet, but plan on it - submit a video
-If you aren't even sure you want to go to this workshop because you know everything already & don't think a week in beautiful Santa Fe dedicated to learning & immersing yourself in your craft is worth it - submit a video anyways.... why not?

We'll [Royal 'WE'] will announce the 3 'other winners of equal awesomeness' [runner's up] on the 23rd, so, you have plenty of time to wait until the night of the 22nd & take your phone/video camera out of your pocket point it at your face and say something... or just whisper something... or just stare at the camera which will look like you are staring at me when i watch it and send the 'pick me as a winner' vibe with your eyes.

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