Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Last week, my old buddy JoeI Muzzey & I went down to the Casbah in San Diego to record Joel's interview with Mike Scheidt of the Doom Metal band YOB.
He's the guitarist, band's from Oregon, amazing sub-genre i didn't know much about - something different every day.
They are touring for their new album called 'ATMA' which was released today. We made a little video & it was very cool to collaborate on something like this - there was no client, no assignment, just an experiment in crazy-loud, high-minded, face melting, head banging, DOOM.
I got whipped by so much hair while filming it felt like i was in a carwash.
It's an acquired taste - but worth the effort - if you're going to watch it, turn it up... Let me know what you think.  


aRON said...

Best video I've ever seen, it was as almost as if I were there. Oh wait, I was. Good job Embry, keep em coming!

embry_rucker said...

... without ear plugs no less. very macho.

Andrew Hyslop said...

Its like everything I don't even know exists is happening in one moment. Love this video. The word verification for this comment is "alverson". I like it - call me Alverson.