Friday, August 19, 2011

Guerilla Video Workshop Scholarship, October 26-29 2011

Years & years ago I went out to Santa Fe for a photography workshop. It had a pretty 'profound' effect on me - I had never been around that many other photographers in a learning scenario. I never went to photo school or took the impossible-to-get-into 'darkroom' class in high school.  I was fortunate enough to learn most everything I know from a few key mentors, inspirators, expensive film based trial & error, and workshops that spoke to what I wanted to learn.
My first workshop with Doug Merriam was so pivotal that i returned for classes with Kurt Markus & Andrew Eccles. The crew at Santa Fe Workshops & the instructors were so open, friendly, helpful & accessible that it made the week in New Mexico feel like a retreat.

This October I've been asked to come out & teach a workshop on the marriage of still photos & moving images in a workshop we're calling: Motion: A Guerilla Approach to Expanding Your Vision to Motion.

It's going to be fun & hopefully informative. And to sweeten the deal & maybe open the doors to someone who might not usually be able to afford a weeklong retreat in Santa Fe - We're going to give away 4 x $500 scholarships.

Make a video that shows me & 'my judging panel' why you should get the scholarship - it can be anything you want, begging, pleading, a day in the life,  showing your broken car window where all your equipment was stolen, shot with a phone or a cineflex, whatever... lets try to keep them under 3 minutes. I'll post the details for uploading soon!

try uploading videos to this Facebook page: let me know if anything is not working in the comments.

Now bear in mind, I've never held a contest of any sort so take it easy on me, I'm still sussing out the details.

Winner's will [should] be announced September 9th.

Grand Prize Winner will receive:

$500 scholarship**** thanks to Santa Fe Workshops & Me!

LiveBooks is donating one free year [!] a $400.00 value to the winner.

Think Tank is pitching in a Street Walker Backpack

3 Runners Up win:

$500 scholarship****

All attendees at the workshop will receive:

- At lest one high five*
- 15% off a LiveBooks website.
- Keen insight **
- Probably a margarita***
- Fresh Air
- Field Notes notebooks, generously donated by my dear friend Draplin
- Think Tank Photo Bag promo code that gets you a 'free bag' [not sure which one] with any purchase over $50.00 [actually all submissions might get this...]

* can be substituted for a firm hand shake with eye contact.
** might not be from me.
*** virgin or real - up to you.
**** scholarship can only be used for this particular workshop.


Kevin T. Vu said...

where do i sign up?!

Andrew Hyslop said...

I kind of waited until the last minute on this one and ran out of time. Is it enough that I have double jointed thumbs or was once bitten by a huge snapping turtle? Being that we are both from Kentucky we are probably related somehow (if you read your bible you would know that we are all related). It probably wouldn't be fair if you picked me - I think it's buried in the rules somewhere. I understand. That's quail season here anyway and the track is open. I am always thankful for whatever I am able to glean from you. I think you're a good picture taker.

embry_rucker said...

Hey snapping turtle, deadline has been extended, no excuses. I can let you know, however, no matter what you submit - you will not be a 'winner' - ever, in anything. have a nice day & thank you for teaching me everything i know & most of what i've forgotten.

embry_rucker said...

Kevin, you are already 'signed up' - you might also be teaching most of the workshop, do you know what all those camera buttons do?

Athena said...

I was facebooking your workshop for you ...and then looking at my calendar ...and now I really want to go....can I get 2 high fives and 2 notebooks?