Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Santa Fe Photographic Workshops in NYC

I'm honored & excited to be a part of the SFPW this May in NYC. I was asked to do a
workshop on our guerilla approach to the symbiosis of shooting motion while shooting stills.

Almost every shoot i have been a part of in the last 2 years has had a video component on some level & figuring out how to keep the look / feel / vibe consistent is one of my favorite parts.

Learning, directing & shooting has definitely been an adjustment, but one i believe has created stronger moving & still pictures & most importantly, it has be amazingly fun to learn about... it's like 'yeah, you know how to ride a bike, it's no big deal anymore - then you learn how to juggle - then you figure out how to do them together... constant challenge & growth.'

I've had 'video guys' on shoots before & i had no clue what they were doing while i was shooting.  Now that we are all using HDDSLRs & i can see, shoot or direct the same way i see the still image. It's an invaluable ability that allows you to maintain your vision throughout an entire project & ideally, knock the sock off your client.

So, anyway, May 6-8th in NYC my 'alma mater' Santa Fe Photographic Workshops will be conducting 3 different workshops that look like a ton of fun. My photo/video workshop promises to be loose, fun & informative & I guarantee a good time!
Sign up, lets hang out.

If that's not your cup of tea, check out Andrew Eccles' workshop, I can vouch for that guy.

I know this workshop is in direct conflict with the running of the Kentucky Derby, but trust me, There Will Be Mint Juleps.

...and here's an image that has nothing to do with the marriage of still photography & motion, nor with New York, but, I thought the post should have a photo...

Feel free to ask any questions either here or through the SFPW.

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