Thursday, January 06, 2011


I saw this old IH Scout Rallye the other day while I was out riding my bike - It looked perfect sitting in the mossy shire so i stopped for a quick photo. The owner walked out of the woods with a muddy skull in his hands - some sort of bobcat or coyote or something with a head the size of a grapefruit. We got to talking about the car, The interior is a really distinctive plaid fabric & as soon as I saw it I remembered having ridden in one once. The first time I went snowboarding, $5.00 day at Steamboat. Friends & I piled into a similar Scout & plowed through the morning light in the Northern Colorado mountains.  Snowboarding, in a way, lead me to photography & photography has, in a very real way, given me my life.  So, what started as 'oh look cool car' turned into waves of nostalgia & reminded me of endless possibilities. Keep your eyes open.

iPhone & PictureShow


Andrew Hyslop said...

Use a filter from "Machine Wash" on this?

embry_rucker said...

I used a iphone app called PictureShow - all done on the handheld.

ThatcherDorn said...

cool little story. I love snowboarding. I tried to do photography full-time. Too soon I think. Now I am a snowboard buyer but thrive on shooting what's in my mind'e eye.