Monday, December 27, 2010

Good old fashioned Family Road Trip.

We're taking the family up the coast through Big Sur tomorrow. Looking forward to taking our time & taking it in.

I spent a good portion of Christmas @ the vet with a sick chicken - that concept doesn't compute to many people, didn't compute with me either until i had kids & then they fell in love with their pet chickens. Pecky didn't 'make it' as they say & while i'll happily fly to Argentina or Kentucky to go bird hunting I came to the realization that once they have names & they've eaten out of my hand, I'd just rather not see the proverbial chicken running around with it's head cut off - the neighbors tolerate a lot as it is. Other that that? the holidays have been great & we're looking forward to dragging it out another few days.

Lets all wrap up 2010 safe & happy. 


Kevin T. Vu said...

pecky!!!!! nooooo!!! i can't say we always got along, but there was always a mutual respect for each other.

Rebecca said...

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