Monday, November 01, 2010

Good help is hard to find

We wrapped up another great shoot for Adidas last week in Portland - I seriously love visiting/working in that town.
Here are some photos of the 'hired help' - i use the term 'help' loosely as you can see they did nothing more than prance around ruining everything they touched.
Most [if not all] shoots have some form of stress /strain/ struggle/ wrench in the works / unexpected malady or what-have-you. When some such potential daywrecker shows up it's good to have a solid group of people on hand that can roll with the punches & have some fun.
I think everyone does a better job when they're happy & if grabbing your junk on the 50 makes you happy & better at your job, then I'm all for it.


Adam Amengual said...

Photographer sets that mood, no one would be having fun if you weren't. Always a pleasure working with you man. Can wait for the next one!

Nickname unavailable said...

if adam is going to start the lovefest, i can't be left behind. embry, you're amazing! can i have your baby, please!


embry_rucker said...

which one? never mind - take your pick.

stiksandstones said...

Sweet! a lovefest!

Looks like a fun time, looking forward to seeing the final images...but then again, these look hella cool too haha