Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So, I've been on the road a lot the last month or so - I've been trying to sporadically update the blog but haven't yet put all the pieces in the right order...
here's a start.

Over the last month, I've been lucky enough to travel to Fresno,Ca, Seattle,Wa & Boston,Ma shooting a new campaign for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society - real loose genuine lifestyle photos with a 'day in the life' feel. We met some absolutely amazing people with MS & I learned a ton about human strength, dealing with the unfairness of life, & rising above the bullshit of despair & carrying on with grace.
Thanks for that.

Mixed in with the travel for the MS shoots I was able to do a couple day shoot for Adidas in LA. First time working for Adolf Dassler's Shoe Co. for me & everything was aces, great crew, fun shoot... cant wait for the next one. Again, thanks to everyone involved I'll try & get some pics up soon, but for now, here is one from our scout day.

...and a few from Boston...

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