Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ben Sollee

Sometimes things work out so that you get to take photos just for fun or out of personal interest. It was pretty random how Ben Sollee & his music were introduced to me - A friend from Kentucky sent me a link to his amazing Cello music & mentioned that Ben was coming to California to start his tour. Turns out his tour was powered primarily by bicycle & we had some mutual friends - a couple calls were made & i was able to meet up with Ben & his traveling crew for a few portraits & a private show at a local bike shop.
So, there it is. great guy, beautiful music, doing cool things.
Thanks Ben.


Daniel Ochoa said...

nice! how did you light in there?

embry_rucker said...

Better late than never, right?
natural light coming through a tiny window on camera left - over head fluros & a little softbox on camera right balancing color temps? go B&W or Pola. :-]