Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a few more

While in Ireland last week, i was fortunate enough to catch a Hurling match - Eire 'og couldn't quite pull it off. more to come on this match.

And I caught the local Clare Stages Rally - which i had seen once years ago & regrettably didn't get to photograph... this was a good trip for redemption photos. Last time i was in Ireland, i had 20-30 rolls of 120 ruined by a forced x-ray screening... remember those days kiddos?


Andrew Hyslop said...

Forced screening. Like arm twisted behind the head forced? Taser forced?

embry_rucker said...

'forced' in a post 9/11, we don't take no shit from no one, London airport, we'll screen what we want & you can take your 'hand check' request & shove it up your ass - type forced.