Monday, July 26, 2010


.....waaaaay back in the early / mid 90's i was living in Missoula  [go Griz!] & while I had always loved photography & fiddled around with it in sporadic attempts to capture what i saw or where i was... i really hadn't a clue.
On a friend's suggestion i took a very basic photo class in the evenings at Rocky Mountain School of Photography. I learned the basics, shot my 1st rolls of slide film & really got into it. I had previously thought that photography was some sort of random game of chance that occasionally gave up cool photos. I really liked learning how to pre determine how I wanted the image to look & then know what to do to create predictable results... sounds basic of course, but, this was pre digital & film & processing wasn't cheap & I'm easily impressed.
Recently i did a little interview about shooting video along with stills on shoots for the RMSP blog - got me thinking about those dark ages.

Read the interview here:

And since i don't think i've ever posted without a photo - i'll attach this old one of myself & the illustrated man Max, from a Japanese guy with a 4x5 polaroid view camera while we were 'working' in HI.


Who's Max Dolberg? said...

Super cool!

Chris Straley said...

Really cool interview! Thanks for sharing E.