Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Old Kentucky Home

My kids are waiting for my Dad to mow a path to a secret pond known for giant Bass & tiny Blue Gills.
I grew up not too far from this farm & there are things i am still seeing for the first time - traveling with your kids can do that to you.
- It's hotter than i remember, or all the years chasing snow & living in California have warped my notion of comfort.
- Growing up, i had never been to a desert, so i guess it stands to reason that i took all the lush greenery & afternoon thunderstorms for granted.
- One more thing i'll say about 'My Old Kentucky Home' is that it has some of the sweetest, kindest, most giving, genuine people a family could ask for. Thanks for that.

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Anonymous said...

Kentuck really is a sweet spot. And I agree about the peeps. Very hospitable. Yer parents very included in that statement. Nice to see ya'll.