Wednesday, December 30, 2009


5dmk2 with the cheapo 50mm that won't auto focus anymore.

Well, i've been off the 'social media' band wagen for a few weeks - I got pretty sick, not sick as in 'oh, sick dude!' but more like - 'wow, i've never felt so shitty - i totally have the swine' ...who knows? - my wife, the medicine woman, fixed me up with natural remedies in time for a couple really cool & fun shoots. It's nice to wrap up the year with new clients, new solid co-workers & amazingly simple & beautiful art direction.  For one gig, i got to shoot simple, hopefully elegant, B&W portraits - we were able to pick models that had a great natural look/vibe/presence & allowed them to be themselves - nice & easy, no frills... & the other was shooting real professional athletes doing their thing.... sports & athlete portrait/lifestyle work often ends up looking super staged & contrived & I was delighted to be on the same page with the creative team & steer away from that this time.
We shot in some spectacular locations in Malibu & i'll put some pics up here soonish.

Thanks to my friends, family, & all the amazing people i have gotten to meet, shoot, work with & spend time with this year.

Happy New Year & may '10 be the best year yet.

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_ryan_ said...

amazing pics!