Thursday, July 16, 2009

back home

...I got back from relocation / vacation a few days ago - i took the family up to Lake Tahoe for a few weeks of running around. We are renewed & refreshed & I'm ready to get back at it while still trying to avoid the hot summer afternoons in my office.
Here are a couple images from our getaway:

... a shot from our fridge that, if it had bikes, crawdads, fireworks, sunburns, rivers, lakes & trees, would sum up the trip.
some visiting raccoons in our house - temporarily separated from mom... she came back & found them.

... & a little tram ride @ Squaw to show the kids a melting patch of snow & get popsicles.


Andrew Hyslop said...

woops. See July 5th.

Andrew Fuller said...

The raccoon's are rad.

Andrew Fuller said...
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