Sunday, June 21, 2009

20090621_over & out for a while...

I'm on vacation/relocation - our annual Tahoe escape. I wrapped up a couple shoots last week & got out of Dodge... i took a few days to drive up solo & walk around in the Sierras - it's so massive & empty & beautiful up there... really cool.
I picked up the family a few days ago & we are in full summer fun mode - just had the best father's day ever, biking, hiking, napping, crawdad fishing, & generally being a dad.
so, posts will probably be limited, but i'll try & shoot some cool stuff to put up here [besides my hippy hiking shots below]
:: All Canon G10::


rob said...

easy on the hippie shit, my brother.

Alex Pasquali said...

Hey Amigo ! ....NICE ....! I like the photos and it actually makes me feel like going on a walk/camping trip .....! good on you mate ...! cheers from Down Under !!