Thursday, June 11, 2009


I was out in St. Louis MO on Monday & Tuesday shooting Hope Solo for the Swoosh - super fun shoot & a great crew... Thanks Erik & Ryan
Here are a few iPhone pics from the trip - we took a little tourist adventure up in the Arch.... i felt like i was in a capsule hotel the whole time.... not for the claustrophobic - stayed about a minute - long enough for the iPhone Pano below. 
Worth the effort though, it's good to try things that you would usually avoid or generally rub you the wrong way {crowds, tourist attractions, The Mid-West [just kidding], BBQ joints with people's nicknames in the name, driving all over the place searching for the world's best frozen custard [even when you don't know (care?) what that means]} all in the name of pushing your own personal boundaries & being open to possibilities [like food poisoning or collapsing arch shaped monuments]

.....& a couple other rando's from around the set:


Stone said...

I love barbecue in that neck of the woods...
But you can't beat South Carolina for good food in backwoods joints.

DV said...

Le Duc's frozen custard in Wales, Wisconsin is the best. -DV