Thursday, May 28, 2009


I went on a scout yesterday - 'California Riviera' 

I like being able to drive a couple hrs & be in a completely different world.

My car said the outside temp was 122 & the place smelled like a bouquet of rotting seafood & landfill, with hints of urine, decay, & if depression had a smell, it was there too.

I quit Facebook the other day for the second time... i initially quit 'cause i found myself too interested in it & thought it was a bit of a waste of time... Good people, Good friends, but... i know most everyone's e-mail & i'm not too hard to find.... then i had to look someone's contact info up & it was back on & i had been ignoring it for a few months & then i started getting rando spam stuff that reminded me that it wasn't really for me.
.....anyway i still dabble a bit with Twitter but while trying to explain why to my parents i felt like a moron... it does free me up from having to bog down my blog with trivial minutiae... so we'll see.


Stone said...

I've always wanted to go shoot there... just never made it yet. Stoked - looks sick.

Nick† said...

Cool place to shoot, your right the smell is horrendous ! Nice post .

Anonymous said...

quit facebook for a 3rd time.