Tuesday, April 21, 2009

follow up

Here are a few more images from last month's O'neill shoot with Flor that i blah, blah, Blogged about.

  • 1DSMK3
  • 24-70mm 2.8/35mm 1.4 [love this lens]
  • PROFOTO 7B [bare head, beauty dish, & octo]
  • Lightroom


Athena said...

yummy light!
Great work again, ER, love it

Anonymous said...

great photos!

Wes Sumner said...

seriously. great light.

Rémi Thériault said...

Nicely done. Thanks for sharing.

embry_rucker said...

Thanks guys, i just went back & looked @ the whole batch to see if i could explain more about what was hot how...
in a clockwise rotation starting in the top left [with the hat] it goes like this:
a: backlit by the sun & fill provided by a silver or white 6x6.
b: 7' octobank on a 7b. camera left
c: natural shade.
d: 7b with a beauty dish [with diffusion silk] hand held & further diffused through a 1stop silk - it was getting windy & the 7' octobank gets unruly in the wind.
e: 7b & beauty dish [with diffusion sock probably, but no silk] as we were walking & shooting.
f: ambient shade outside & a profoto 7A head inside the house behind the yellow window. Smokey haze provided by Camel lights & our stylist Cooper.

Andrew Hyslop said...

Thank you for the last part. More like this. You rock.

Sean Cope said...

I cam across your site while checking out livebooks. Love your work. Cheers!

Sean Cope