Monday, April 20, 2009


I shot a couple of days at DC's in house studio last week for the "oh nine, oh ten, depending on what season your market is in" Women's line.
It's always a great crew over there & we got to work some ghosts out of the digital machine while we were @ it.
I was capturing [tethered] to a Mac Pro with all the bells & whistles - except mac osx 10.5.6 - & we clocked the tether speed from a single canon 1dsmk3 file @ 15 seconds [!!!!] waaaay too slow. 
So, with a single upgrade in software, which required multiple levels of IT security clearance, we bumped our speed up to 2.5 seconds [Thanks John!] unfortunately all the awesomeness caused multiple freezes & crashes - regardless,  we got it done.
Kevin, who is a clear front runner for "assistant-as-stand-in-poseur" went the extra mile with the arched back & coyly/shamelessly pointed toes... well done.
& big thanks to DOM for wheeling in the old FORD.


Mark Froeschner said...

what is that Ford, a 71?

Athena said...

I'm still coming back to these shots, just now commenting Lots of fun to look at.

Dom Cooley Photography said...

64 holmez

embry_rucker said...

i think it's 2005, maybe '06.