Saturday, April 11, 2009


I just wrapped up a 3 day gig for the big Swoosh in LA.
I've had great luck lately with amazing crews & super cool & fun to work with clients.
An all star cast with Ben, Brian, & Fab from O.T.M.F.C. & John Shin on the massively fast 8core g5 Digi kit... simultaneously backing up to 6 drives [safety never takes a holiday & the president & vice president never fly together].
The crew [Dina, Sorenne, Matt, Sarah, Kyna, Nicole, etc...] from Beaverton was a genuine pleasure to work with. 
some highlights:
a lot of sweat, sunburn, possibly some tears, a narrowly avoided stabbing, Wabi-Sabi sushi, Viceroy, a stolen skateboard, chewebacca, essdeebag, highly overqualified 'b-roll' cinematographer realizing the 5d's limitations, fierce Gondoliers, Big Llou Voice over drive by's, 7360 without using the motor-drive & the best hot sauce i've had from a a taco truck [Rambos]. Still wading through the images - i'll post some up when we're all clear. 

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stikman said...

man, you are the man.....
too bad I am up at the sea otter race, or I'd take my grom to WAP and party too.