Monday, March 30, 2009

Runner's World in Marin

.......So, I was up in Marin Co. last week doing some shooting for Runner's World - my last post was from there as well, but here are some set up images that show what we were doing. I've been simplifying the lighting on these RW cover images a bit... i think I can definitely lean towards 'overkill' when trying to 'freeze' a fast moving subject like a runner while maintaining a nice saturated yet realistic ambient exposure...
We were super lucky with the natural light & added just a little bit of front light with the ProFoto Beauty Dish [bi-tube] & a hint of rim light with a plain old reflector. i wouldn't say we went full on 'wild style' but, i definitely loosened up the reigns a bit & took the time to experiment & see what was actually necessary.  The shoot flowed much faster & we shot 4 different locations as our repo's were quick & easy.
I'll post the final image when the magazine comes out & we'll see how it looks.

...Speaking of 'wild style'... 
Joe Budd  going the extra mile as a stand in.
maintaining his Digi-Hut, complete with a modified wooden cutting board laptop platform: genius.

Thanks Guys.

These BTS images were shotwith the 5dmk2 which i'm really starting to like.
my 1dsmk3 never came back from CPS [looooooooong story] so i shot alot of travel & scouting stuff with the 5dmk2 & everything, besides autofocus, was great.
we actually did a not-scientific hi ISO test in a darkened Pub between the 5dmk2 & the 1dsmk3 [rental] @ 800 or 1000 ISO & the 5dmk2 looked 'better' [detail / color] like i said, not too techy, but we were in a bar.


cb said...

great post, thank you. looking forward to hear more about the o neill shoot

stikman said...

I saw the shot and said "man, hes slimmed down the lighting!" then sure enough, you went on to explain.

Bitube for max freezing/flash duration??

And holy crap, Malcom!!! I used to see Mal every weekend on the world tour! miss that fella, I chat with him on facebook still though, he rules.

5d2 eh? I just got rid of mine, the AF is atrocious and I'd say worse than the last 5d (which was bearable)...and I thought files just looked strange...but wtf do I know.

embry_rucker said...

Yeah Mal is super cool - he might even share some of his secret trails up there if i'm nice.
With the Bi-Tube you can have 2 7B's @ a lower power [shorter duration] & produce the same light.
or you can use 30 speedlights... either way ;-]
did you trade the 5D2 for another 1DSMK3?

craig stikman glaspell said...

Ya Mal knows some wicked trails up there for sure. I traded the 5d2/grip to some rich hobbyist that had a new in box 1ds2. I am too broke to go the extra mile for 1ds3' I am double fisting 1ds2's.