Saturday, February 14, 2009


I'm getting out of town for a few days - taking the family up to Tahoe to show these kids of mine what snow is all about. They are going to freak out.
Here are a few 'cold' images for the week.

Amanda - This image was shot during a DC shoes campaign... not really selling much product here... cool cat eyes though - if you click it does it enlarge?
1dsmk3 85 1.2
1 big ol octo with a narrow Black Flag down the center [cat-eye]

This is Ryan modeling his 'Oregon Tan' for us last week @ Ray St.- sorry buddy, i had to, it works with my 'cold' thing... a wonderful cinematographer & assistant, he was 'standing' in for our talent who was nearly a foot shorter...
1dsmk3 85 1.2
back ground lights, beauty dish & a ring all profoto

.... & a random snowboarding shot from Northstar last March [might have been the last time i saw snow] - might have been St. Patrick's day.
1dsmk 2/3[?] 70-200 2.8 


Terence Patrick said...

Only the snowboarding photo enlarges when clicked on.

embry_rucker said...

ahhh, thanks... i'll look into that. i added the close-up of the eye after i wrote that just in case...

_ryan_ said...

oh man... who's that super muscular dude? The blue really accentuates the almost transparent skin. thanks Oregon!