Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Here's a fresh new cover of Runner's World - Captain Handsome stretching it out in San Diego. We almost had to go to Florida for this because the magazine thought 65 degrees would be too cold... we toughed it out in balmy SD & made our poor photo editor Andrea fly out for a few days in the sun - sorry about the Red Eye flight while suffering from food poisoning! Now we all know to stay away from the sushi @ the 'W'.

...& here's the setup.
12:39:46 PM
Hasslehoff H with a Phase p45 
500 @ 11
100 iso
60mm on the 50-110 zoom
tethered to a MBPro
capture one > Lightroom
cart, gennie, profoto 7b's, Sigg bottles, ipod speakers.


Rémi Thériault said...

nice pimpin' set-up.

Andrew Hyslop said...

Love it. Put a 2-stroke and some fatter wheels on that thing.

embry_rucker said...

@ Andrew

on what? the male model? or the magliner? maybe hook a segway up to it?

stikman said...

Hells ya!
love me some setup and tech details.

Thats how the coverboys roll-cart and nice gadgets! ha

Thanks Embry

sofiapicture said...

i found out really late about this blog, i am a true admirer of your work, i tend to check ur page frequently to see new pictures, so all i can say is your work rocks, and i read in some comments you made, that you are using a G9, i just bought that camera!
nice work e!

embry_rucker said...

@ sofia
Thanks much - you'll love that camera - it's super fun.

Terence Patrick said...

Damn, Runner's World is one of the last big ballin' magazines. They send the photo editors out and put them up at the W? That's awesome!

Wes Sumner said...

so wait, is there only one light popping? it looks great.

embry_rucker said...

@ Wes, yep. 1 strobe + 1 sun