Thursday, January 01, 2009

totally out standing in my field in '09

Here's me & my girl Ennis - back on the farm.

.....& these are the neighbors.

Happy New Year 'Yall. 
I'm visiting friends & family in Louisville for a few days. 

CAPTURED: 20081231 [December 31, 2008]
CAMERA: Canon G10
LENS: yep
FOCAL LENGTH: wide-ish
MODE: av
+/-: nope
METER: evaluative i think
ISO: 100
FLASH: nope
NOTES: just random B&W adjustments this stuff of any interest?

I could see how it could be cool if I had used something other than a P&S camera. 
All these details are in the meta so i should be able to 'remember' what & how i shot something.
Including my parents, my reps, & the occasional accidental drop in,  there are supposedly like 3 or 4 people who peep at this blog, let me know if you guys are at all interested in the photo 'nuts & bolts'.


Ryan P said...

Happy new year Embry, thanks for sharing all the info. Looking forward to what you have in store this year.

Rémi Thériault said...

Love the nuts and bolts espicially when lighting. Thanks for sharing.

embry_rucker said...

Thanks guys.

Jerms said...

Good stuff E. I like seeing the N&B stuff too.
Happy New Year.


robbiesell said...

Person #4 checking in. Since I want to be as good as you, I am totally going to shoot everything at ummmmth sec @ f2.8 now!

stikman said...

love me some nuts and bolts, but mainly light nuts and bolts. I only ever really want to test my wits with settings when its an action shot.
At any rate nice fam shot and nice daughter would be envious.

Will Schouten said...

Hi from West Oz Embry,

The nuts and bolts are good, but maybe keep it simple? Camera, Shutter, Aperture, lights and/or modifiers (if any)..

All the best in 09'

Ben Marchio said...

Yea, I think the nuts & bolts thing is cool, just don't over due it, some photographers go crazy with it. But it helps other photographers grow as people are able to see what techniques are working for other and what results come of certain shooting styles and setups. Sometimes if you can't try something out yourself its nice to see how it worked for someone else and that may allow you to decide wether or not to give it a shot.