Monday, January 19, 2009

follow up.

I came across this series of images from a previous post & i thought it would be a cool series to show.
This was part of a lifestyle shoot for Billabong where i traveled from Irvine up to Mammoth Lakes along CA395 with a few of their surfers & skateboarders, stopping & shooting @ roadside attractions.

Canon 1Ds Mk2
70-200 2.8
1000 @ 2.8
ISO 50


Christian said...

really cool

Anonymous said...

Bartie's bow-legged Mullet is so tight.

la terreur said...

i like the bottom one the most.

Pierre Wikberg said...

Great pivot to fakie photo.

embry_rucker said...

Thanks Pierre, i'm sure in some video game that's what it's called, but here, in the real world - that's a 'Wheelie Truck Barker'