Monday, January 26, 2009


We did this little editorial bicycling photo shoot a few weeks back in inland Irvine... near Cooks Corner.

Canon 1DS MK3
85mm 1.2
24-70mm 2.8
70-200mm 2.8
all natural light - we brought out all the 'Smoke & Mirrors' but in the end the late afternoon hazy sunlight looked the coolest.

I never knew that little pocket of the world was there... Thats one of my favorite parts of a location shoot - exploring during the scout & discovering little gems like this area.


stikman said...

I have done so many rides there, on and off road and never thought it could look so rad in photos! You have such an eye for location, wicked.
Thanks again for posting.

_ryan_ said...

Yeah! Cooks Corner, favorite new bar in South California.