Tuesday, January 06, 2009

20090106_ RE VAMP

*new images on the site... i'm ditching some oldies & making room for some newer images.
I also added a 'TRAVEL' portfolio - working on it.
also, i added a little 'flickr/slideshow' dealio over there >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
my thinking was to try & upload a daily crappy iPhone photo to that... not really happening so far - High hopes for 'oh-nine' already dashed.
i picked up the 5dmk2 yesterday & i'm really floored with the thing.
i know 'everyone' already knows how cool that camera is -  well, i'm on the bandwagen too. i took a few little videos of the kiddies this morning with the 50mm 1.4 & the camera paid for itself in about 2 minutes of cute, timeless, cool looking video of my little rascals.

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stikman said...

wicked...off to check out my favorite site haha.
happy 09'