Monday, November 17, 2008


Here are a few quick shots from a shoot last week for Scott USA's motocross division.
beautiful Corona, a top secret 'test track' right on the I-15, motocross spy photographers trying to get the scoop, big airs, bad crashes, & a lot of heavy machinery.
Those guys make it look so easy & effortless.


robbiesell said...

I know you could use an assistant one of these days. Help me not get stuck to only the snow industry please!

stiksandstones said...

Oh yes Embry...isn't corona-roma lovely!
Hope you honked when you were driving through Murrieta to give me a shout out. (Yes I am kidding).

Would love to see more, but will settle for these 4 very unique MX images.

thanks for posting.


embry_rucker said...

thanks for checking it out guys, Craig - we'll get you on the next one!