Sunday, November 16, 2008


I just got back from a fun girl's surf trip to Oahu.
The girls were there for a surf contest & we dragged them all over the island against their collective will.
Athletes in general just like to 'do their thing' whether its surfing or mountain climbing. not surprisingly, they would rather be doing what they love & excel at than traipsing around in next years color-ways.
At least we always try & keep it fun, interesting, quick & painless, & at the very least we all discover new & wonderful things - in my case, i discovered the 'Mai-Tai' Thanks, SK!
Big Thanks to the ever gracious North Shore locals, Food Land, Shelley, Petey, O'neill, Renteria & all the Girls. 


Anonymous said...

No Cholos visit?

embry_rucker said...

oh, of course...Cholos, like Starbucks, is a given.

Anonymous said...

Wow I love your photos!!