Monday, October 06, 2008


I shot with a guy named David Goggins last week for Runner's World - totally humbling.
a couple highlights - Navy Seal, multiple tours, ran the Badwater twice, several ultra - somethings, & does it all to help raise money & awareness for fallen soldiers children.
A great shoot with a bizzarely driven guy. It's very cool to see what people are capable of putting themselves through.

I've never had anyone ask if they could run from one location to the other - 12.5 miles. if i could have stopped him.

... & here are a couple outtakes from last month's Runner's World shoot up in Portland... should be on the stands right now.
- the little video & frame grab were shot with the Ricoh GX200.


Lou said...

Are you shooting with a Hassy now?

embry_rucker said... my lens hood showing?
yeah, both Hasslehoff & Canon - different strokes for different folks.

Gordon said...

Increasingly small world...We (B&L) work on David's bikes. He is in the shop regularly.

Great shots BTW.