Friday, September 12, 2008


...the G9 is back from repair. After testing the Sigma & the Ricoh it just feels nice to have it back. Sure, i wish it had a wider lens but way back when i had a RF with only a 35mm & thought it was the Bees-Knees.
it's not a pocket camera - but it stradles the world of bringimng the big rig & a crap-tastic pocket camera nicely.


Daniel Stephen Pendygrasse said...

Did you have to send it in for dust? Mine is awful but I just can't quit it. Love the damn thing.

embry_rucker said...

Dano! yeah, i'm guessing it was dust, & general abuse... can't treat that thing like a Leica.
its great though.
on your 'Hybrid' post you must have meant to say that you wanted a Hybrid to get your 'Hybrid sled' into the pristine backcounrty.... or are you skinning up those hills?

Daniel Stephen Pendygrasse said...

Skinning? No man, I'm levitating.