Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Back in Portland OR. for a day or so.
my G9 took a crap the other day [lens is stuck 'out'] so i tested the Sigma DP1 & the Ricoh GX200.
The DP1 sounds too good to be true... & is, it's a small final file & the ergos weren't my cup of tea...
so, the Ricoh is the pocket cam for now... nice 24[ish]-70 zoom.


Terence said...

How does the Ricoh stack up against the G9? I have a G9 and the highlights seem to blow out to easily.

embry_rucker said...

I haven't done much 'side by side' comps with the Ricoh & the G9...
Basically, i think the G9 creates a better file.
i like the wide angle lens on the Ricoh, but i'm still hoping the G9 gets fixed.
The wide angle adapter on the G9 is gigantic & ruins the whole point of having a nice small travel camera - to me.