Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer so far...

I mentioned in the last post that i was a bit out of 'order' as in, not chronological... because i knew i had a few cool photos from last month to put up here... Right now i'm nearing the end of my annual 'Relocation / Vacation' with the fam up in glorious Lake Tahoe.

Last week i went back to good old Portland, OR. for a Sony shoot. I got to see some great old friends & meet some new ones.
Another killer crew: Thanks again Rebecca & Marco from Arpen.
Greg & Ginger& Gordo & Adam & everyone else - a big thanks!

one of those cool night shots a never usually take because i'm putting the kids to bed or staring at a computer... Thanks Sony!
Trillium Lake & Mt. Hood.

Winter in July!
... Got back from KY & popped out to Phoenix for a quick shoot for Runner's World. usually it's hot as shit there this time of year, so i didn't bother checking the weather.... so, they have a 'Monsoon Season' in Arizona... who knew? my 1 hr flight culminiated in 3 extra hrs sitting on the runway in PHX waiting for a gate in the rain. whatever, i made it & had a nice easy shoot in what felt more like a steam room than a sauna... but, if both situations can be found at a country club - i really shouldn't complain.


I'll start with last month... I took the Fam back to Louisville, Ky [formative years] to visit my parents, & for a dear old friend's wedding ['bout time]
anyway.... We all had a great time being back. the kids loved it the Wifey loved it, the parents loved it... Horse back riding, wandering through creeks, chasing fireflies, fireworks, land rovering, BlueGill fishing, old friends & old haunts, surprisingly - Taco Bell [only outside of CA], poaching swimming pools, a tad of bourbon, & heaps of seersucker & bow-ties.


stiksandstones said...

thanks for sharing dude, fun stuff.
Family and I are up in whistler canada, MTBing, hope to get a few cool shots like this.

embry_rucker said...

Thanks Man! have fun in Whistler.

robbiesell said...

Embry III. I was up in Portland hanging with Wittlake and he mentioned that he bumped into. I was going to give you a call, but I didn't have your phone number. Lame.

embry_rucker said...

Hey Robbie - i thought i might have seen you buzz through the public pipe the afternoon i was shooting with Marius -you?
next time.
quite a shock to see Scotty too! glad to see him rocking a full derailleur.