Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Oh, wow... it's been a bit since the last post... yada,yada - i've been busy.
i spent last week on the Big Island of Hawaii "working". Another super fun, adventurous & challenging shoot for O'neill - we spiced it up this time & in addition to the annual women's shoot, i shot some of the pro dude/bro/brah/bru's as well for their mens campaign.
Great Locations, food [thanks Greg!], crew + Borat, spinner dolphins, kayaking to CPT Cooks touristy spire that was too crowded to even beach our boats, lava & lots more lava, the Curse of Lono, The City of Refuge, snorkeling, a random zebra, crazy ass golf courses in lava fields with no rational access to water, - i'm sure i'll think of more... & i hope to put up a few more pics.
my laptop died [in the shop] & i have been on location & out of the office since getting back...
Upcoming Highlights:
a few days shooting cycles & spandex in SD
a day in Phoenix to shoot a box.
a week in Louisville with Fam + Friends for the 4th & a wedding - oh man, it's going to be hot.
a month or so 'relocation/vacation' in Tahoe with the Wife & Babies to make up for lost time.


blaine said...

sweet. glad the trip went well, looking forward to checking out the pics!
did you get to the south point location?

embry_rucker said...

Never made it to South Point to shoot unfortunately... the volcano was causing a lot of haze & the seas were ROUGH as hell. he had to go North & over to Hilo to get good weather - beautiful though.