Tuesday, May 27, 2008


...collage of the city.....such a tourist.

...here's my bike-in-a-box i brought out to New York last week. i always thought it would be fun to see the city on a bike... untill i found the West Side Highway - i spent the whole time dodging cabs & breathing exhaust narrowly escaping certain maiming.

...I walked right passed this wall, got lost trying to figure out which train to take from Times Square [ i know, not as savvy as i thought, either] - anyway, it's all the Sony Ads i posted last month...

....here's a bike ride around the city for Shits & Giggles.... gorgeous day - it poured that afternoon. this is the stopframe setting on the canon G9 mounted to my handle bar...


blaine said...

nice, must be cool to see your pics in a place like that, especially when you're not expecting it!

stiksandstones said...

being a tourist is awesome, wish more pro dudes would be touristy.
As for your single speed foldable bike, you can fit in nicely on balboa island (I saw like 6 kids on those things last weekend there).

Keep up the bloggin dude.


embry_rucker said...

Hey Blaine - thanks man, yeah, it's wild - you walk right past it & you are so familiar with it... it doesn't register @ 1st.

Stikman, i think everyone with a camera has touristy impulses... i used to pride myself on being a 'traveler, not a tourist' - now i just don't care, i like to take it all in & experience the sights & sounds. you [not 'you' but, you know, the proverbial YOU/ME/US] can miss out on a lot of life by being 'too cool for school'.