Friday, May 30, 2008


I flew from NYC down to Florida last week to hook up with some old buddies from High School - one of whom is kinda 'the last man standing' & finally getting married to a great gal who we all agree is a Saint, at the very least, she's very charitable & understanding.
The plan was to fish, catch up & get home safely - success.
Late nights, & early mornings aboard the 'Nothing Better' [Old Forrester reference, not the Postal Service song].
Thanks to all the guys for making the effort & making it a great trip... see you @ the wedding.


stiksandstones said...


mmmmmm love me some fish...

Someone has a tag heuer=success!

embry_rucker said...

i thought the 28' 'Nothing Better' was a sign of success.
; ]

Bryant Bell said...

wow, lots of big and weird coloured fish in Florida! looks like a great time