Friday, May 02, 2008

1st Saturday in May

Here's a cool shot of the Kentucky Derby @ Churchill Downs by Vincent Laforet.
I grew up in Louisville & I used to got to the track with my family every now & then....I always get a little nostalgia for 'The Ville' this time of year.
During high school the whole week before the Derby was an event. Parades, boat & baloon races, I seem to remember a running race where people carried glasses of wine... [?]
....Anyway, The best part was trying to sneak booze into the infield...
Some tried & true options:
* girls with ziplock bags full of Ever-Clear stuffed into their mother's bras,
* injecting some sort of hooch into a partially drained 2 litre bottle [security would only check to see if the cap had been removed]
* ziplock bags full of clear liquor hiding under the ice of a cooler [this one failed miserably one time when the bags broke getting to security]
* hollowed out 'Flask Binoculars' or 'Flask Canes' - really? a highschool kid walking with a cane? sure...
it's not like they didn't sell Mint Juleps in the infield.
Acording to my good friend that spends waaaay too much time @ the track...[the rest of his time seems to be spent embarrassing his friends with photoshop] this is how it's going to go down:

Big Brown
Smooth Air


Anonymous said...

Great shots, ran into Jason Cohen, told me to check you out! Rick Jamie.... in Cincinnati doing Pediatric Trauma as an RN....helping not hurting! How's Siofra?

embry_rucker said...

Yeah Rick, great to hear from you.... helping out for a change! ; ]
i'll tell the family hello.