Tuesday, April 29, 2008

real hard work

I used to do alot of carpentry / construction work during college - even built a couple log cabins in my time.
I've been doing some 'home improvements' over the last few weeks & i've been reminded of how hard that shit is... Maybe that is why i appreciate & love my job so much.
I know what it would be like if I couldn't do what I do... & it hurts.
......anyway - I just shot the Behr Paint - Home Depot ads a couple weeks ago & since, i've been to my local Home Depot like 20 times - one of these days i'll see my images hanging up in the paint section & the cyclic world of my past & present will merge together & blow my mind.


stiksandstones said...

I remember 3 yrs ago when I pimped out our upcoming babies room (shes almost 3 now) and I put in crown, base, waynescoating (however u spell it), paint....then built this toy storage deal under our staircase.
Was such a pain in the ass-glad to hear someone that had experience with it in past finds it hard hahaha

embry_rucker said...

'crown, base, & WC'!
damn, thanks for making me look like a 1/2 ass.