Monday, February 25, 2008

Behind the Scenes & Crew [Safeco: Los Angeles]

These are behind the scenes / crew photos from a Safeco Insurance shoot a few weeks ago...
A good crew makes all the difference in the world & i couldn't do it without them.

Grey & Logan

Eric of DF
Zach, killing it @ the bakery
Zach, killing it in Venice!
These kids got paid to eat crap, guzzle sugay water & play Halo - then the went home & did it all for free.

My mother always says: 'if some's good - more's better'. More Zachs
I got way older on this shoot.... thanks guys!
DJ "D-Ross" into the wild

Grey, ever the gentelman - piling the wood on our talent.
Prop RV nearly burying itself in the mud @ Pyramid lake.
Zach & Diggs, Cowboy Up!
Ray Fesemaier: lucky Art Director

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