Saturday, December 01, 2007


I'm In Chicago about 1/2 way through a bit of a whirlwind multi-city shoot for Men's Health. I'm shooting all sorts of cool people in cool places. People ask what my favorite thing to shoot is & my answer is usually ' something different, everyday'.
This is definitely one of those trips.
The travel hasn't been too grueling - constant is more like it.... & more to come.
I'll put up a few travelling pics from the trip so far.
Here's the trajectory: Home > Vegas > Missoula, Mt. > Phoenix > Chicago > NYC > Boston > Back Home.
here's my kit:


Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas [ i was waking up @ sunrise, not going to bed - times have changed]
Dinner @ Nobu with Lucas, Justin & the Libre Team
I actually went to school here - it was a real treat to go back & visit some of the old haunts.... [Charlies, Rhino, Food for Thought [i washed dishes there], Deck @ the Depot, Wardens, Oxford....blasts from the past. Mostly just reminded how lucky i am in California.
It was cold as a mofo - & as dreary as i remember the winters to be.... summer is another story.
view from my room... might be Snow Bowl?

Oxford: guns & booze. suprisingly we saw a fight here!
& a big bear greeting us @ the airport.

Here's Grey [Hound] with our sweet rental Saturn & 'hoopin' it up on the hardwoods'. That sounds like sports saying, right?

& a great irish bar - the bartender gave us the lowdown on Boston .

Today was a day off so Grey & i went into the city... The weather was ...... impressive. There's no ignoring a snowstorm followed up by freezing rain in Chicago.
After Chicago we went to NYC & stayed @ a Horrible, horrible hotel that was going for the same price as most 4 seasons.... anyway - you never spend much time in the room in NY.
I hooked up with a few old friends & had some great meals. Here's the iphone view of the city from Newark
& a couple of mu photos in the Billabong Store front in Times Square:
- Jumped on the train up to Boston for the last leg of our Odyssey.
Grey & i cabbed to Penn & found our way to the Amtrak Asella [express] train & once we got situated - realised how amazing train travel is.... We never do it on the West Coast, I always think of Europe or the North East for trains.
Anyway - my new favorite way to travel - could be because of the insane flight schedule i've had these last 2 [?] months - but, no security, no Southwest cattle charge to get on, AC power, tons of legroom, serious recline, no seatbelt sign keeping you down.
it's like sitting in a living room & getting on your way.
BOSTON: View from my room.then home to the family.....


bttags said...

hey embry, i appreciate your time into writing this blog. a few years ago i came across your website while looking at livebooks sites and have been a huge fan since. im an aspiring photographer myself and often trying to replicate some of your styles (as best i can) for practice.

keep up the posting. its rad seeing your quickposted shots.

Jeff Singer Photography said...

Just found your blog. Cool stuff.

Man, you pack light... my assistant would love you. Especially since I pack all my gear and 90% of the time end up using natural light.


embry_rucker said...

Hey Jeff, yeah, we figured we'd pack light since we had so many chances to loose stuff on this trip...It was great.
That Pelly has a 7b +1 head & a couple canon flashes which we used a bunch & PW's, cords etc...
rolling camera case had all the bodies & lenses, hard drives, chargers etc.... & we carried that on.

blaine said...

Nice scruff E! Lookin good. I've got quite a bit myself too.

We're in New Zealand, lovin it! Check out the blog for some good times-

David Vandenbroberg said...


Ride with pride homey ho!

Thanks for visiting with Lois and me in NY C. Always a pleasure to see your scruffy face (now into week 3 sans work, I've been growing a substantial amt of facial hair. Substantial is, ah, a rather loose term - looks as if I haven't reached puberty yet - that is what my lovely wife says).

Keep Rockin in the the New Year.


Cityscape said...

Hey Embry-

What tamrac rolling bag are you using? Have you had any sort of trouble rolling it on the plane due to the size? Thanks