Sunday, November 25, 2007


In the last couple weeks i’ve gotten a few e-mails that all seem to be driving at the same point.... how do i get started?
Short answer, ‘I don’t know’.

...i mean, you wouldn’t want to model a photography career after mine that is for sure, shit, i was just doing it, thinking everything was great because i didn’t have to work @ skate/snowboard shops any more & then here i am.... i never assisted, never had a business plan, never knew ‘how’ to be a photographer, i just figured it all out the hard way.... not hard as in living on the streets & begging for food - but, close @ times.

Now with all these associations, photo schools, blogs, magazines etc... it seems like there is an actual ‘career path’ you can take to becoming a photographer.
you can go to Brooks or some other photo/ portfolio school & if they don’t suck the life out of you along with your parents money & you still like photography when you get out at least you know how competitive & hard it is....

I happen to be very lucky in that i have lots of great friends that i get to work with that have hired me over the years & let me take cool pictures. That’s it.

just go take the pictures that interest you. make them good. show people.
you can’t make it happen though, at the end of the day..... it’s all still a bit of a gamble. but, what else are you going to do?

here’s some excerpts from recent e-mails:

1.yada-yada-yada. That being said, any words of advice on how to get started would mean the world to me. How did you begin? What gave you that first break?

2.I am a senior at the University ofRhode Island. I know its a long way from California and not accessibleto many of the great visual sights the west coast has to offer. I was wondering being that I love to look at photography, how was it that you got started. Also do you have any advice for someone who is trying to learn the art and any tips or equipment that would be very useful.
I love how you are able to take pictures of fashion, sports and
environment. Thank you for your time.

3.How did you first start getting positions to shoot ads with companies? Any recommendations you can give with getting started? I know it all depends on how much you are willing to be dedicated. Should I go to companies presenting my work? Any information would be helpful.

To get started:
keep shooting - lots.
look around - become part of the ‘community’ [PDN, ASMP, APA, etc...]
assist for photographers who's work you admire.
update your website to reflect your style & passion.
build a portfolio.
then work @ self promotion....
thats what i think people should do, it's not what i did, but, it seems like a much easier route than i had.
best of luck.

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