Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I had a whirlwind trip to Maui last week [2.5 days] that was great. i hadn't been there for 12 years & it was cool to see the same place from a completely different perspective... It is so gorgeious there - the road to Hana is amazing. Cars are getting too big for that road in places.

here's one looking toward Molokai from Lahaina
[the multi shot drop shadow dealio is all Jon-Jon, & i am totally ripping it off]

& one of our faves, Hannah.

I'm in New York now, enjoying a bit of vacation with the family. I'm heading into the city on Thursday for a few meetings, quick hi-5's with a few friends & might catch a show of a photographer [Lars Tunbjork] that is represented by the same guys [JK&] as i am.

Here's a pov shot from my brother in laws '83 CJ-8 barreling down the beach of Southampton.

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