Thursday, August 30, 2007


Swiss Air on the ground in Geneva last year... i had just bought the lumix/leica digi P&S @ Duty Free in GVA.
i ended up 'going swimming' with that camera in my pocket & re-bought the canon sd900 instead of getting another one - i think it was just too big for a 'pocket camera'.... cool that it shoots RAW though.

Here's a mini list of questions i get from time to time.... looking back through my 'interviews' section i realized how dated some of the info is. so, here are fresh & up-to-date [for now] answers.


1. How did you get started?
*** Originally i wanted to be a Travel Writer & Photographer, started taking some classes @ the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula while attending U. of Montana.
* I was shooting travel & snowboard photos & focused on the weird, wild world of snowboarding for several years.
* Many of my current clients are based on relationships from those years in the snow. [Quiksilver, Roxy, Gravis, Burton, Billabong, Oneill, Anon, Coal, etc...]
* I took some great workshops @ the Santa Fe Workshops - Lighting with Doug Merriam, B&W portrait with Kurt Markus, & a portrait lighting deal with Andrew Eccles

2. What was your greatest challenge in starting your business?
*** My buisness kind of evolved from my lifestyle & it has always been a gradual learning experience - i would say that one of the most important things in starting or maintaining a business is the business side of things. Passion, Vision & Drive are the easy elements of life... Figuring out how to get paid, pay bills & stay organized is the real challenge. I think especially with digital, the tasks of storage, delivery & archiving it is super important to have a good system in place before you outgrow your expectations.

3. How do you find clients?
*** It's the ones that find me that are important.

I'll send out promocards & posters & I'm repped out of NYC by John Kenney & Ed Varites @ JK&

4. How do you determine your pricing?
*** Pricing varries like crazy & every job has a new budget & new needs & usages...

5. What is competition like in the industry?
*** I imagine it's like anything else... @ the end of the day there are a bunch of photographers that are considered, perfectly capable & in many cases would all be able to exicute a job.... you can stay up late worrying why your bid wasn't accepted or you can recognize that you are not the only person in the world that can do what you do & hope to get the job the next time.


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and the answers to these questions. ;-) love your work. if you ever need an assistance abroad?! or even in the states...i ll come over. greetz sandra

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